About Us

Oilfield Training Centre

Oilfield Training Centre (OTC) opened with the aim of supporting Ghana’s increasing requirement for training and development for the oil and gas industry following the discovery of commercially viable hydrocarbon reserves. Committed to supporting the energy industry in Ghana and the Gulf of Guinea, OTC provides a wide range of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) training courses from internationally recognized standards through to national vocational qualifications. We have a positive impact on the health and safety of workers, delivering competence-led training services, consultancy services and complete managed solutions.

While our core focus lies on service providers in the oil and gas value chain, our services extend to cover the needs of individuals and organizations within the general public. Our objective is to create a system of continuous learning and development in the human resource base of oil and gas operating organizations and the host community.

At OTC, we deliver trainings that are industry-driven, allowing us to provide solutions that are in touch with the needs and demands of operators, contractors and associated service providers. Our training is more than just another orientation. Our commitment to experiential learning and competence-based assessment means that each training is designed to optimize real learning for the highest performance, and includes demonstrations and hands-on sessions led by the best qualified and certified instructors from all around the world.

We operate from two training centers in Accra and Takoradi, both fitted with state of the art facilities for interactive teaching and learning. Our Takoradi centre is located in the same facility with a number of major industry players, giving our trainees the chance to experience at first-hand, the ground rules of every principle taught in the classroom.